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Service Provided

Primary care physicians provide a broad range of services in their office setting. Most services that you obtain within the primary care provider’s office are included in the monthly subscription fee.

The following items are exclusions to Columbia Care subscription.

• Vaccines and Injectables (Administration fee is covered)
• Medical Equipment & Supplies ((casting, splinting materials, IUD’s, Implanon, etc.) Process of application, insertion/removal is covered)
• Vasectomy
• Circumcision
• Flex Sigmoidoscopy
• Colposcopy
• DOT Physical
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Worker’s Compensation
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Laboratory Services (excludes waive testing and specimen collection)
• Specialty Services ( Mental Health, Nutrition, Massage, Endocrinology and Neurology, Bone Density, Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Intellwave)
• Home Health Visits
• Nursing Home Visits
• Hospice Care Supervision
• Any other services provided outside the Primary Care Office